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Created by Emil Pop on 13 April, 2018

Dedicated top make your cheap printer perform as the real deal, or as close to that as possible.

Yep, I came up with ideas, I tested them extensivelly, wrote posts about them in here and elsewhere, got criticyzed, that helped me improve, grot prized, that helped me nothing but inflate my ego.

But in the end some of my ideas are about to hit the market, so that with a simple kit your printer that you might of paid for USD 300 or 600 (I doubt you paid that much) made in China, or some fashionable priter from Prusa, etc, now will be able to print 450 Celsius dual nozzle or Diamond, with multiple filaments so that for instance if your part is in Carbon Fiber Polycarbonate (not that cheap), and your supports in PLA (damn cheap) instead of PVA (soluble but kind of expensive) you can use the PVA only as a two layer support for separation between Polycarbonate and PLA, hence sink the part in water, get away with the PVA, than PLA is loose from Polycarbonate and easy to remove.

Same final effort as using PVA alone, just far cheaper.

Just an example.

The dual nozzle water cooled kit technology, it is easilly attacheable to any existent printer, you just design an interface, bolt in the carrier, than on it you bolt the kit, (naturally first you print it), and voila, one nozzle goes 450C and the other for PLA you keep it at 220C, so that while printing the Ultem filament your PLA filament stays separate and cool, without burning into popcorn.

Now working on another kit to go towards 1000 Celsius, about that latter on after all tests I can imagine will be performed. Imagine the range of materials you can print with that one.