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Created by Emil Pop on 13 April, 2018

"I'm going to build 3d printer" - typical beginning i think. But it's true - at last i'm going to do this. But i'm completely new in this - so i have more questions than answers. And if you don't mind - i, going to do it here. My be we'll have something good as result (at least i hope so). Now i'm at design stage. What i want as result. And some questions:

  • Quality has a bit more priority than price.
  • Printing area 300x300x300mm (may be more) but not larger than 500x500x500mm.
  • I want to use 20x20 extrusion profile - should it be enough or better use, for example, 30x30 (consider that final construction should have 3mm aluminium box).
  • Linear guides will be used for x, y and z.

Question one - is it better to use ball screw (like in CNC)? Belts are faster but ball screw gives more accurate positioning (as i know). Plus with screw i can use more heavy printing heads.