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Created by Emil Pop on 13 April, 2018

A dream came true, cable management system of my invention actually works fine.

An old project of mine came true. Cable management snake, with less headache.

The ones you buy online have each element as a tunnel, hence once it is a snake, you pull the cables through to the other end with a rope or similar (there are tools for that, and cheap too) but...

If you need to change a cable, to add cables, etc, no way Jose. You ought to pull out the whole thing (taking them out of their plus) than change or add or take away something, than pull the whole mess back in, find where they belongeed before, plug them back in. Some 3 to 4 hours work.

My system has 3 walls and a cover that slides in two opposite slots (yes they exists already but onlu for far bigger cables, not this size)

I had them in use for a few weeks now after two years of design modofocations and rte printing untill i got sick of printing them elements... lol, they finaly came good to my taste (and I am picky)

Today I had to replaced the Z probe with a new one that cost me triple, hence I hope it also works better (will know in a week or two) so all I did in 5 minutes took out all lids, fished that exact group of wires I had to change, left all others inside, placed in the new wires, closed all lids, total a bit less than 1 hour with also unscrewing the old probe and screwing in the new probe.

Advantage me. (I mean for the future, creating the system instead was a pain in the butt)