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Created by Emil Pop on 13 April, 2018

Thomas Sanladerer

found out by test and error that PLA interacts with Acetone to a certain level and that can be used to weld PLA to PLA, possibly to ABS too, one must try to find out.

And this is what he does, he tries things, finds out facts, and than figures out what to do with that in a useful manner.

In other words he is not just a Maker, but also a Digger, an idealist.

In order to understand the above post of mine I will define here some categories:

Idealist; I define as idealist a person that comes up with ideas, a digger, finder, maker, tinkerer, explainer

Ideologist; that would be someone that can take the work of an idealist and set it up for ease of doing for production, mass production, or mass education, things like that

Idiot; everybody else who are too lazy to create, explain, set up patterns; the average buyer that thinks time means money (it does not) and has to put much time in making money in order to save enough so they can buy the objects of their desire, other humans included.

We here are idealists and ideologist,s on my scale, hence test things, nobody will blame you, ask questions, there is no such ting as stupid question, they are all but idiot questions, and all questions in this universe are idiot, because if you know the answer there is no more question.

Thus fear not to ask, test, invent and re invent, is fun, well, to me it is.