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Created by Emil Pop on 13 April, 2018

Printing with an enclosure cocoon instead of a whole printer enclosure,

I printed 2 of the same part, identical but for one detail, one is free in the open air, and the other is cocooned in it's own support material to keep it from air drafts that could make it warp.

Although today was not windy hence the drafts are minor, and the part itself is low and short hence not that prone to warping, the part not protected warped a bit, not enough to make it useless, but warped enough to peel itself off the raft of white PLA with no effort.

The cocconed part was hard to get out of the cocoon, pretty stuck in there and zero warping.

It works.

I nrmally destroy the suports at the end to make their elimination fast, but not now, now I extracted the PETG black part out of the cocoon with outmost care, to save the cocoon too.

I need to print some bigger objects now, just to stretch this to it's limits, to find out how far can I go trusting this idea of mine.