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Created by Emil Pop on 13 April, 2018

Cocooned print experiment went through just fine.

As you can follow up the videos and images the support material (white PLA) builds a wall around the print to wrap it up and shield it from air draft as the part is built,

and nonehteless it is a windy day and the following night, and next day is a stormy day, the window on top is always open to clear printing fumes,

my print builds up just fine thank you like in an fully enclosed 60.000 dollars printer,

instead of warping like in any open frame printer, well mine is an open frame one... I paid it 300 dollars, and with all the improvements on it I probably went around 1000 USD

Yes it can be done.

This part was especially delicate to print since it is thin tall walls, tall on legs and a strong handle on top, to push hard on it,

hence as you can note from the weight I took,

the suport material was twice as much as the weight of the part itself,

not always the case, but with this method guaranteed you will use more support than usually since you need it not only for sustaining the bridging but also to envelope the coccon around the printed material

to save yourself the hassle of throwing it in the bin because it warped.

In the end is working, and makes me happy I invented a procedure that I am still astronished nobody else came up with in the past 20 years since 3D printing became popular, or at least since 2012 since China had made it so damn affordable both in printers and in filament that it ended up you can buy printers, and filament, at the supermarkets like Aldi and similar.