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Created by Emil Pop on 13 April, 2018

One thing to note is that slicing softwares don’t like internal cavities.

But most of my objects need them in order to function in real life.

They see floating spaces as an error and try to correct them automatically, by filling them up, no need thank you.

Cannot “convince” the software to leave my shape alone so I often Slice without the ¨repair¨ option of Repetier, which is damaging to my projects. The result is not often perfect, mostly induces some stupid slicing errors from no filament at all (just traveling nozzle pattern) to some parts from the object having interruption in filament build or even missing.

I couldn’t find any option in Cura or Slic3r to disable error correction, and would love to find a way to allow internal cavities. Can we convince the developers to add one simple orpion? ¨ignore repair¨... might just do...

Any tricks of the trade here?