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Created by Emil Pop on 13 April, 2018


I am working on my master thesis at the moment. I have to restart a print at a certain z-height. For example I print a part and after 50% the print aborts because of an failure. To fix the failure I have to abort the whole print and have to restart the printer. After the failure is fixed I want to restart the print but want to resume at the last z-height/layer so that I don't have to throw away the part and to save a lot of time. Is there any possibility to do this? The problem is that I don't have G-Code. I am using an Stratasys F370 and have the software Insight or GRABCAD to create and start the print. This software creates an file with the extension ".cmb.gz". With the use of 7-zip I can extract this and get a file with the extension ".cmb". With an hex Viewer I can open this file and find binary data. I found an blog article in the internet which explaines some aspects of the file but not everything. At the beginning you have a header in this file with some configuration data for the printer and after that the toolpath waypoints starts.

Does anyone know more about the Stratasys files and how to delete printed layers in this files to start a print at a certain height/layer?

Thank you!

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Matthias Höfling