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Created by Emil Pop on 13 April, 2018

The Anette, Creality, FL Sun, etc large printers are but Prusa remakes, and perform OK for whom has no idea of what they are doing, however once you get to know your field you realize they suck from scratch, not because Prusa is a bad machine but because all the Chinese ''engineers'' did was to cosmetic somehow the machine to look cozy, without any engineering improvement for stability, sturdiness, precision, repeatability, accuracy, etc.

A sturdier Prusa version has being published for free in this group here


if you would of bothered to read the posts. Remember that being lazy and not reading the posts might help you fail, big time, always, in anything.

I did not had that chance when I started and bought a FL Sun large printer, knowing from start I will have to reinforce it, modify it, improve it, which I did spending plenty more money than the initial purchase and a considerable amount of time.

And that you can see in my posts about it and learn yourself how to tackle some issue from my results, if you bother to read and learn, I did, and was not a novice in machines, I come from industrial automation and robotics, and that helped a lot.

I am also preparing to sell very robust printers online, the smallest one will have a printing cube of 400X400X400 mm and the larger one 2000x2000X3000 mm (yes, the size of your bathroom) all of them with glass heated bed and many other features, all open frame, fully up-gradable with non proprietary solution (DIY), at a fraction of the price machines of their capacity have now on the market, but it might take me some more months until ready.

So if you want to make your own, remember, you either buy one of the low end solutions I cited above and start modifying it or you make one by a good design (I would now do so rather than modify a crappy Prusa copy), either way you need tools, and there is where the money go mainly, in tools, lots and lots of tools.

And the time goes in reading and manufacturing, A hell lot of time.