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Created by Emil Pop on 13 April, 2018

ABS, and that is already a sticking issue

PLA, not much, some glue stick or hair spray, easy ways to sort that out.

PETG, far easier than PLA to keep it on the bed while printing.


that one sticks to nothing but... other polycarbonate. Technically you have to place a sheet of same material on the bed to get your print to stick to something.

Or maybe not.

This a super sticky phone holder, so damn sticky that I gave up on them, too often my phone came off but the back cover stayed on the pad. Than in sunny days it becomes more gelatinous, and even more strong bonding to... anything, until it nearly melts, than is not so sticky to other objects.

SO I came up with something;

I want to test it as soon as I finish my physical upgrades on the printer.

I want to raise the bed temperature to 90 Celsius or more, get a bit of this sticky thing from a pad I have, put it in the center, take a wooden tool and spread it thin, thin, thin, all over the place on the printing bed. Than I shall let it cool down and start printing... polycarbonate on it.

Just to see if it sticks at room temperature.

If not, I will try to raise the temperature with 10 Celsius degrees each time I try that print again.

The whole idea is that once I printed my things well, might be enough to raise the temperature on the bed to 90 Celsius again to make my print peel off the super sticky bogs easily.

How about you try that too, just to see if I am right.