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Created by Emil Pop on 13 April, 2018

Want to start a 3D printing prototyping hobby or business? Not the same as 3D printing for fun, trust me.

if you want to print with PLA and ABS for fun, than buy one of the printers recomended above by the others, they work fine up to 240 Celsius.

But if you really want to go into business, spend some 3 to 10 gran initially, buy yourself a machine with full enclosure, chamber temperature control, heated bed, dual or triple bowden extruder (you will print a lot with support materials), a diamond nozle, and ready to work at least at 300 Celsius to do nylon and PETG and similar, and make sure is a tool changer machine, because you will need a direct drive extruder for the TPU and similar, and changing them tools bay taking apart the printer is a pain in the ass.

Preferably a cube printer with the X and Y on the top gantry, and the bed on Z, and preferably no belts driven but ball screws driven; yes they go slower, but for prototyping you need high pecision not fast printing, belt driven printers are fast, Delta ones are even faster than a CORE XY belt driven cube, and perfect to print vases and toys, but not objects that you want to use in assembling and in testing, they lack that precision.

If you are inexperienced with printers, than buy a cheap 300USD one, give yourself 6 months learning curve allowance, and than budget and buy the real deal.

I also reccomend you to join this group and start reading the posts, some phenomenal insights from people that had their share of headache, and could help you avoid one.