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Created by Emil Pop on 13 April, 2018

E3D went on a quest to make tool changing machines standard policies, they invested time and money into developing not only the standard itself but also a printer that actually goes with the standard.

Others did significant progress too, but not with the aim to set an industry standard.

And some results were shared with you, like here.

Or RK here that is still coming up with betters in his own kitchen.

Not to mention Saint Taw tool changer printer that re engineered from memory the E3D and made a probably better entire printer. In the kitchen.

Years in making, testing, scrapping ideas and returning back to them, and so on (nope, i did not participated in the works, but I do lot of R&D myself, followed or accompanied by prototyping, I know the pain)

Here is a video of somebody that bought the E3D machine and started with it, lots of criticism for many issues, but that is work in progress ladies and gentleman, a pain in the butt, red through the cooments of this video, they are far more interesting than the video itself...

Others are praising it like... wow...

Both sides are wrong, and both sides are right in the same time.

And than we have him, the revers engineer that makes it easy.

And he released the drawing for you make your own here.

Good times in the near future when the mass production Chinese machine will start raining cheap parts of doubtful quality on us.