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Created by Emil Pop on 13 April, 2018

Is this the right place to be to ask questions about the printer I am about to build?

I am in the research phase of building a 3d Printer. I want to build a box style core X-Y with a E3D hotend. I have an old Lulzbot AO 101 and have grown out of that. It's still a great printer and I have got it working very well from some guy that couldn't.
The size I want is 400x400x400 at least. I am leaning towards possibly larger but my finances are an issue. I am going to use 20 40 extrusions for most of the frame and linear rails. I would like to use the Duet Wifi board and the panel due looks interesting. Once I get the thing printing I would like to add a second extruder.
I have access to a CNC machine and foresee making the brackets and connections for motors etcetera myself.
This is how far I am so far and maybe farfetched but I like a challenge and is the only thing that interests me right now to build.

If this is the wrong group for my ignorant questions please let me know. Thanks, John.