3D Printing Group

Created by Abe Gladstone on 15 February, 2018

I'm new to 3D printing and want to use it for my other hobby, model railways. It's great for printing rolling stock, scenery, structures and buildings, but I'm struggling with topography (landscapes).

My layout is in rugged and mountainous country in England and I try to keep it as realistic as possible. In Britain, LIDAR data is available for the whole country down to 1 metre contours but so far I've had no luck converting Lidar files (.ASC format) to .STL, I have tried a number of software packages but without any joy.

I would like to open a new discussion group, initially to see if anyone else is doing this and can help me get started, and eventually pass on my experiences and results to others with a shared interest.

Regards, John from Yorkshire