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Created by Abe Gladstone on 15 February, 2018

I recently bought some PLA from amazon, it was pretty damn good PLA. Had very good results with it. So I wanted to buy more, but the product was sold out. And so I bought some other cheap filament.

And now I have terrible results, I have read this has to do with the width of the filament any divations in this and you get an ugly finish.

Now I am looking in NL for better filament and found 3 producers:




I now have bought asa from Formfutura, getting it this evening.

I see a lot of vids on youtube about this subject and most filament I cannot buy here or are not in stock or way to expensive.

So I really would want to know any experience from other users on these companies or others.

The bad filament that I had was White PLA from Geeetech. The good filament was Yanbex from amazon. I see it is back in stock!