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Created by Abe Gladstone on 15 February, 2018

I got a private message today asking what skills I thought a 3D printing technician should focus on. Maybe this advice will help more people if it is in the discussion area? Please add to the content.

There are many types of 3D printer. all operate in similar ways, but there can be significant differences. Know the pros and cons of each technology. Help the customer choose the best option based on the model, and how they expect to use it.

Things you may want to focus on:

3D CAD. If you can design, repair, and modify 3D CAD data, you'll be more valuable. Models often need to be repaired, built, or modified before they can be printed.Finishing. Knowing how to sand, paint, glue, assembly, and otherwise make a 3D model look better is valuable. Some customers will pay a lot more to have a finished model arrive.Scheduling. You need to be able to juggle multiple machines, materials, orders, shipments, and finishing requests so that all orders are delivered on time, or early.Maintenance. 3D printers require maintenance, calibration, testing, and other repairs. You'll want to be good at fixing the machines.Measuring. Customers expect parts to be accurate and match the dimensions of their CAD model. You need to know how to measure parts and insure they meet the tolerances the customer is expecting.Materials. You need to be familiar with all the materials the printers can use. Their material, optical, RF, heat resistance, flexibility, elasticity, strength...etc. A customer will say they want a material like PP. You need to know what PP is, and what material you have which can offer the closest material match.