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Created by Abe Gladstone on 15 February, 2018

How do they create cad models of the phone cases?

I have a big doubt on how do they cad model and manufacture phone cases for a newly launched mobile phone without its technical drawings. Say a local phone case manufacturing startup is launching a new mobile case,
1) Where do they get the technical drawings of the mobile?
2) Where do they get the perfect dimensions of the curvatures of the mobile if in case the company did not get the technical drawings?
3) Can we create the phone cases that can be manufactured and fitted perfectly by just getting the over all dimensions and tracing the pictures of its front,back,side and top views?
I need someone who can explain this phone case cad designing process step by step.

2 Answers

Hi Vishnu,

Direct answer: They won't bother about dimensions.

Step 1: Preparing model cavity by placing the Real Mobile as pattern

Step 2: Pouring molding element (plaster of paris /molter metal/plastic) to create Dummy Mobile.

Step 3: From the dummy mobile pattern, they do some necessary cuttings and carving based on the type of mobile case.

Step 4: Multi pattern plastic molding.

Step 5: Clearing, cleaning and polishing the mobile case.

Here you would get a simple ideology on mobile case preparation. But in real time, each manufactures would have different and certain steps to bring out best product. China is always best in that.

If you required dimensions definitely is it impossible to get. Why because? Now a days lots of mobile were introduced in the market and they do register those as DESIGN PATENT (in US) or DESIGN REGISTRATION (in India), which gives protection only to the outlook of mobile not on dimensions. So they won't give dimensions while registering the mobile designs in Intellectual Property Rights.

But for some mobiles you would get online, as given by our friend Taief Rana.

Some information always available if you want