Created by Simourv on 9 March, 2018

Good Day All

My Name is Pieter I am a Draughtman at HFH (High Frequency Heating) we where approached by by a client to Manufacture a machine to speed up his current operation which is welding with RF (Radio Frequency). . . His current operation required his operator's to hold the material that gets welded with the RF and caused some safety issues and also some delay in production. There was also the issue of not getting a clean and consecutive weld.

I was then instructed to Create/Design a machine that can address those issues.

1.This 1st images shows the machine if its in the welding position and mattress turn in 90 deg. The machines press use a pneumatic cylinder to operate up and down.

2.Show the Machine in the up position.

3.This image shows the machine in it (home position). With the material clamp in the up position ready for the material that gets welded with RF to be clamped down so we can in sure clean welds no movement of material during operation.

4.Shows material clamp down.

5. The just show the full machine in ISO View

6.Shows a mid turning of the mattress before the welding can continue.

So the final product was sent to the client in a video format unfortunately GrabCad doesn't allow Video formats so I can only place a GIF file show please mind the quality drop of resolution.

If any are interested feel free to check out our link.