Created by Ananth Narayan on 4 September, 2018

Mesh Quality, Residuals of continuity not converging, cavitation

I am trying to simulate a 2-phase liquid- gas with cavitatin surrounding the 2d ball. First of all I tried with the steady stream, the settings in the attached image file, but when running, the Residual graph could not converge. I have checked the minimum orthogonal mesh quality only 0.71. I don't know how to improve it. Help me please.
Calculated domain size: 0.6x0.4 (m), diameter 0.01m.
Conditions in the inlet: only water flow with velocity of 25m / s.
The liquid pressure calculated at a depth of 1.5m is 116013.513Pa, the outlet condition, the pressure is 116013.513Pa.
Opera Pressure = 0
Vaporization Pressure = 3540Pa.
Solution methods: scheme Coupled
Number of Interation = 2000,