Created by Ananth Narayan on 4 September, 2018

Pelton turbine

Has anyone some tutorial or anything similar to show how to design bucket of Pelton turbine in Ansys Desing Modeler. I am student in FESB, Split. I am studying mechanical engineering and now I am writing Master Thesis, which I have to finish in September. Thesis is connecting with Ansys, CFD. Actually, I have problem because I need to design Pelton turbine . I am beginner in Ansys, so I want to save time and ask you if you have
some tutorial about design Pelton turbine in "Design Modeler"

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Ante Terzić

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I think you can head up this question to ANSYS student community. But designing of pelton bucket is bit difficult where you need to find correct shape, then make structural analysis to withstand the load. Also I am a intermediate guy, student as well doesn't have any idea with it. I hope the guys in student community are there for you to help. Thanks.