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Created by ESAN on 26 April, 2018

i don't know hot to specifically speak of this topic.

as the logic i'm trying to ask is bit advanced for autocad users.

dear ll.

im using autodesk2018 as my tool. and new to this . (8months)

my job is to create customer submission drawings.

the drawings contain

technical data

mechanical material family table

2D designs with dimensions.

i want to create a standard templet. where we may need to input values inside a listing. and that particulat parameter alone must get printed.

and dimensions for the model. likewise the model initially.

what im trying to do is. switching into different data. and printing the needed alike

if there are 45 parameters. and 20 parameters entered, those 20 alone must get printed

if we choose a kind of model that model alone must get into the tempelet.

after that the dimensions incorporated must change in it.

we must set an table for entering the values. as the data must not get incorporated false.

eg. if ansi nut date is incorporated

type of nut : (.....) m5.m6.m7.m8 if m8 is incorporated, the model must come into templet

dia of the nut: (.....) the limit must be pre set to (7.5 oto 8) . if i enter 9- an erroe message must be incorported.

please help me in this project. im planning to get this job done for my company. as there is a huge miss miss guidance in data management.

i'm working in a MNC, and this job might convert my contract roll to a company staff.