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Created by ESAN on 26 April, 2018

automatic drawing generation application in autocadd

dear all, I'm working in electro mechanical domain and needed help in automation the drawing generation using the autocrad.

as an application , or command or a visual application...

i need someone to guide me in this topic , Im a beginner in Autocadd . so please help me in this work.

there might be a possibility to handover the project to the concern person for a good pay . if the project looks going in the right direction...


consider that I'm a two wheeler manufacturer.

and i have different customers.

my products may be different, but each time i'm gonna provide the customer with one or two vehicles.

then customer has the choice to choose his accessories.

so let me prepare drawings for all the different products with each accessories. and make it a file.

1) when i enter a specific command , there the drawing that i call must be selected in the background and coming to the display

or prepare a automation that the accessory and the drawing will merge on the background and the output might come out with all the specifications.

2) the product and the accessory will be as a different file. and merge automatically , as different different specifications are called .

title block must get filled automatically as of our requirement.

3) moreover like a GUI- where we enter the title block needed. thus it gets adjusted within the drawing file , irrespective of the length words available.

if there are too many words, there must be automated scaling and adjust within the given space.

4) so the drawings gets displayed over the autocad window, then the verification is possible over the autocad window..

so once the verification is done. we want to print them as pdf files.

so pdf printing even needs to get automated.

simply like a cellphone application. that displays all the needed things on selection.

please help me in this work, to do it professionally, as there might be a possibility of me getting into the job as a permanent employee. If the work is going in the right direction , there might be a possibility for me hiring the same person as my instructor.

so please help me in getting the job done...