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Created by ESAN on 26 April, 2018

Can anyone help me how to draw this sketch in autocad?

I can not draw this sketch. I think , dimensions are insufficient in this sketch.
If you have any idea then please help me. Below is the sketch regarding it.

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This is what I got.

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With the help from a good friend we have changed the drawing construction to suit the given image. Bob Wiley I think this fits better now.

Hi everyone,
The original drawing «sketch.JPG» has all the dimensions necessary and sufficient for the construction of the handle. The only uncertainty can come from the center of the sphere at the end of the fixing axis, but to have a whole rating, it’s on the plane of installation of the handle.
Best regards.

For CadCLoud :

Hi CadCloud,
You have the original plan, it’s in the original request: «sketch.JPG»! And to draw this part on AutoCAD, it’s simple, you create an arc of circle R60 of center A (See Part01_For_CadCloud.dwg), a parallel to the main axis by 60+14=74 offset and at the intersection you have B the center of the R60 of the handle, Then you shift the axis of 40/2=20 and from the center B you draw R110 50+60=110), you extend BC up to D which will be the center of the R50, For the R10 you practice in the same way but by removing the radius of 10 to R50, you will have E the center of the sphere of 10 (at the end of the handle). For the pin end radius it’s you who see, it’s not functional, and can be located in G or F or in the place that you will like.
Best regards.

Sorry when I overlay your sketch there is no relation in the length. I do not see a continuous 50mm radii to the 10mm.

Re Hi CADCloud,
If you want to offer to Mr Saurav CHAUCHAN, a longer handle at the level of the active part and more in relation to the drawing, it’s enough to fix new rating, for example: total length 160 and connection radius 100, then simply repeat the method of construction by tangent arc (Excluding Autocad hooking function), which I stated earlier, to redraw.

Hi ! JMA Hi ! Cad Cloud
I only wanted to draw the 'sketch.jpg' in autocad as a practice. And since I am beginner, I had no idea how to draw it. But you both upload your drawing and made it possible for me to overcome my difficulties in drawing that. Thank you ! for this.

And JMA, I am sorry! I cannot say anything about your idea of improvising the total length, because simply I don't have the knowledge of that level. Thank you!