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Created by ESAN on 26 April, 2018

How To Draw multiple dwg pages in one Drawing File

Hi Everyone,
currently I am working on some files that require 2 or 3 pages drawing but I do it separately.
please help me with any method or tip to how have one drawing with multiple pages.
thank you

2 Answer

use commande

(ai_tiledvp 3 "_R")

Using multiple PAPERSPACE (Layout) tabs can allow you to have multiple drawings in a single dwg file.
The linework for each drawing is drawn in separate zones in MODELSPACE. Create a PAPERSPACE Layout tab for each drawing, each tab having it's own title block and viewport(s). You can rename the tabs to the drawing number for each sheet.
Watch a few YouTube videos on setting up a PAPERSPACE drawing and hopefully it will make sense. Just know you can have as many Layout tabs as needed, each treated like a separate drawing.