Autodesk Fusion 360 proficient

Created by kiran on 8 March, 2018

reverse engineering a yacht design in Fusion 360

I am retired engineer. I am trying to reverse engineer a Dragon Class sloop in Fusion 360, as a learning exercise. I am attempting to do this with surface modelling methods and having limited success (Fusion 360 crashes a lot!) and is unreliable.

Most of the examples available in the Fusion 360 training and YouTube examples design something free-hand, and generally without purpose. Reverse engineering a boat design requires it to be exact, not an approximation. A yacht's hull and deck are compound curved surfaces in free space; nothing is orthogonal and most CAD programs start with orthogonal sketches. I am finding this very difficult in Fusion 360 and am looking for a mentor that is familiar with traditional yacht design (from offset tables) and Fusion 360 as a design tool.

Thank you.