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Created by Constantin STANCESCU on 25 April, 2018


I am trying to create this model

I have applied joints(rotational) and was able to rotate the parts(total 3) individually.

If I apply contact set to any one of the gear and center part and activate "contact solver" it is working fine. The center part is rotating in opp direction to gear when pin in gear comes in contact with center part.

But if I apply contact sets for all three then rotate ( right gear is rotating slowly compared to previous trial i.e when contact set applied to only one gear ... but not making the center part to rotate and the left side gear is not able to rotate[photo attached - stop kind of symbol near mouse pointer]) I can't get the desired result

If anyone can help me in this pls send your mail id I will send the assy

If possible share some sources to learn more about the topic.......