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Created by Constantin STANCESCU on 25 April, 2018

Can anyone please help me solve the style conflict error in inventor 2019?

Recently due to some reason my inventor 2019 is giving me the style conflict error each and every time I open .ipt or .iam file. Please help me.
Thank You

Accepted answer

This is usually an innocuous message that I generally ignore. ANY change made to the style library will cause the templates to be out of sync. This message is usually just telling you they're out of sync.

HOWEVER, in your case it may be something more serious. The solution is too detailed to answer here.

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Open your template file and go to the "Manage" tab and from the "Styles and Standars" choose the "Update Styles". Save and close your template file. The conflict is solved and will not show next time you use the template.