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Created by Constantin STANCESCU on 25 April, 2018

¿Como puedo crear regla en ilogic para pasar mi modelo a plano de pieza? How can I create a rule in ilogic to pass my model to a part plane?

Diseño de un gaveta parametrica en Ilogic Inventor contiene un formulario para dimensionar altura ancho y fondo y numero de cajones, quiero realizar una regla donde pueda agragar al formulario la opcion de plano y me lleve la gaveta al modulo de planos.

Design of a parametric drawer in Ilogic Inventor contains a form to size width and depth height and number of drawers, I want to make a rule where I can add the plan option to the form and take the drawer to the plans module.

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Hoi Jhon,

I wil give you a link how to make wat you want, but your parts are very strange for me. Not logical, so I think you should first make some parts in a logic way. The link is for a table, but the way to make a Ilogic form for a .iam is explaned.
Table Exercise ILogic
The pdf is attached.