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Created by Constantin STANCESCU on 25 April, 2018

Creating a mine own special view in - Cube view Inventor

Please help me, I wonder if I can make my own home view in perspective view for all mine renders, to be the same. I need to render over 1000 products for website with Rey Tracker.
The problem is that every part has to be in the same position, meaning the same angle of camera to act neatly and nice.
I can only do that by clicking on the corner of the cube, so that every picture will be same, but that is an ugly angle. I want to determine the angle and position and keep it that way forever for all my renders.
Is it possible?if not the program is completely useless to me. I hope I wrote reasonably, a picture of an example of an angle attached. I have to aim with my hand every time, and the angle is disturbed... see picture, i try to make same angle, but will be perfect to inventor have some angle lock option.

Accepted answer

Use Inventor Studio.
1. Set your view as you would like it to be or open a model or assembly that already has it set.
2. In the Inventor Studio environment: right click on cameras in the browser and select "Create camera from view".
3. Right click on the new camera and select "Copy camera".
4. Go to a new model or assembly in which you want to have the same view and go to the Inventor Studio environment.
5. Right click Cameras and select "Paste camera".
6. Right click on the new camera and select "Set view to camera".
7. Exit the Inventor studio environment.
8. Right click on the view cube "Set current view as home" and "fit to view".

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Thank you so much Bob,

This makes sense and does my job. It would be good if the camera could remember with some name and always call from the program.

Thanks again, this will help me a lot.