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Created by Constantin STANCESCU on 25 April, 2018

How can I export BOM with thumbnails?

Hello friends,

I want to export BOM to Excel in Inventor 2017, but when I try this, Inventor did not allow export images.

I tried Bom Tools Pro, iBom (all of them are not free) and some iLogic Macro codes where I found relevant forums. So before writing an answer, you have to know that. :)

Is there a way exporting BOM with thumbnails for free? Or working useful macros? Please help me, I need it. I am sure you need this too.

Edit: By the way, I can not buy Bom Tools Pro because Paypal banned in my country. (Turkey) I know it is the best program for this, but I am sorry.

Have a good day.

1 Answer

Yes, all you need to do is have the thumbnails visible, and be running Inventor 2018.1 or newer. Simply click Export Bill of Materials, see attached.

But even better than that, you can do this with iLogic at the click of a button, see

Or you can send your BoM via email, directly from Inventor (with the thumbnails) also via iLogic, see: