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Created by Constantin STANCESCU on 25 April, 2018

How creat decription with" lenght"x "with" x "thicness" of plate in assembly?

hello every body
i want creat decription with" lenght"x "with" x "thicness" of plate in assembly by ilogic
can you help me?

3 Answers

Hoi Nguyen,

how you can do that is in a attached file, pdf.
maybe this tutorial is handy.
Table Exercise ILogic



PRT_L = Round(Measure.ExtentsLength,2) '''lenght
PRT_W = Round(Measure.ExtentsWidth,2) '''with
PRT_T = Round(Measure.ExtentsHeight,2) '''thicness
iProperties.Value("Custom", "decription") = PRT_L & "x" & PRT_W & "x" & PRT_T
'iProperties.Value("Custom", "lenght") = PRT_L & "" '''lenght
'iProperties.Value("Custom", "with") = PRT_W & "" '''with
'iProperties.Value("Custom", "thicness") = PRT_T & "" '''thicness

you can do this also without iLogic
Name your parameters (e. g. Length, Width, Thickness, ...

go to iProperties and fill the approbrioate property with e. g.
=Plate L=<Length> x W=<Width> x T=<Thickness>

important is the "=" at the beginning and to put your parameters into <>