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Created by Constantin STANCESCU on 25 April, 2018

How do I save a flat pattern in dxf format from an i part generated file?


I created a family of products using i part function. After I generate files for the desired variants, I want to save their flat pattern as dxf files. Can anyone tell me how to do that?

Accepted answer

Hello Marius,

File - Save - CopyAs

You can also change the version in the options tab.

You need to do this from an .idw file. Make the views you want and scale views too the scale you want. You can also delete border and title block if you do not want them. Paper size does not matter. files will open in AutoCAD or any other program that can read .dxf files. Pay attent to the version in the options dialog box. Example: if you save file in version 2018, whatever program you are using to open needs to be 2018 or newer. You can change this to a 2000 version if the program you are using is older.

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