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Created by Constantin STANCESCU on 25 April, 2018

parts color in assembly

Good Morning,

I want to understand how color replacement works in inventor. Generally, the color of the parts is not something important in my daily work. But now I need to create the png of our assembly.

in my first assembly the joint color is smooth black (frame01.png), in my second assembly where I use 4 occurrences of the first, all the joints are pink. (group_of_frame01.png)

How do I tell the inventor to use colors from the primary assembly?

thank you

Accepted answer

If you override the appearance of a part in an assembly, then it will override the appearance in that assembly only. There is no way to have the override automatically cross over and show up in other assemblies too.

Appearance, color, etc. are normally applied in the IPT part file. It would then flow through and appear in each occurrence in every assembly that the part is placed. You can still override it if desired but then it becomes the exception rather than the rule.

Think of color as another feature of the part. Just like a hole, material, or even BOM information. Make the IPT part file complete with ALL the pertinent information and that includes the color. Get in the habit of doing it consistently on every part, the same way, every time.

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