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Created by Constantin STANCESCU on 25 April, 2018

Section view arrow position wrong

Dear all EXPERT,

I have 1 doubt in section view arrow position, can any body help me for this.

please fib=nd attached pics section view tell me wrong ya right.



3 Answers

You wouldn’t stack sections like you have done. As for the direction of the arrows, they are all correct for a third angle projection as would be common in the USA.

You change it in your standards.

First of all you need to create a drawing template, with your own title block and borders. Associate it with a new style library, created with the inventor tools: style library management. You create a new folder, called personal styles or business styles, for example, and copy what interests you into it. change in the inventor options the inventor style directory which by default points to C: \ User \ Public | Public documents \ Autodesk \ Inventor release installed \ Design data. You let him find the new folder with the copied styles. Open an empty drawing, without styles, associate the new style, modify it as you wish and you will have the styles for the designs, new and old if you do style management: update, as you want. The problem with Inventor is that they have centralized everything they can in the style library, which by default if you make a new project is read-only, like styles, so if you change them in the drawing, it doesn't update the given Design library. When making a new or old project right click: change to read-write.
as for the arrows it depends if you use the ANSI or ISO standard. First behind for the first, second behind for the second. Set the style from the start page.
I attach images to make your style library. The big problem you have with Inventor, will then be the names of the content center, where for a Hex Head SCREW you will write the standard, for example ISO 7015 .......... You don't understand anything. you have to create your own corporate or personal library and save a named copy of everything you use, rename it in the component data table. FILE NAME, STOCK NUMBER, PART NUMBER, AND IMPORTANT WHEN YOU SAVE COPY AS NAME, PUT INDEPENDENT FAMILY AND NAME IN IT: FOR EXAMPLE SCREW TE, RECTANGULAR TUBE, RONELLA PIANA, ETC ETC ETC.