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Created by tdi on 12 June, 2018

How to find 3D models of LEGO parts in a useful format for CAD

I'm using Fusion 360 for making my projects. There are various software for building digital lego blocks - Mecabricks, Lego Digital Designer, Studio 2.0 and LDraw. In these softwares it´s possible to export parts in obj och stl format. But the models are made out of mesh triangels and are not ideal to use in a CAD.

Is it possible to attain Lego parts in a better format somewhere? There are some parts to download here att grabcad of course, but not all are available here.

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Well, I'm going to anseer my own question here. After eading DK's tutorials and I understand that a big library of parts in a non mesh format doesn't exist. So it´s either make them myself if I can´t find them here on GrabCad or some similar place.

unless you have autodesk inventor and can use iparts its a problem.
How ever you can download other simple models from GC and step files and from there save out the individual parts.
If you can set up a kind of parts library id be happy to help with some parts too

Does anyone have a file for part number 30325 on bricklink?