CAD Puzzles & Riddles

Created by FredSWUG on 27 March, 2019

This challenge aims at maximum use of features instead of minimum features, also with few rules this challenge can be made fun and knowledgeable.


  1. Always one has to start with any material addition process (extrude, revolve, sweep etc.)
  2. Any cut (extrude cut, sweep cut, revolve cut) must be alternative in feature tree. No two consecutive cuts are allowed but material addition can be anyhow placed.
  3. No un-necessary extrude and followed by cut in order to increase feature count.
  4. Other extra process like fillet, chamfer will be considered as a material removing feature.
  5. One cannot use boolean operations.
  6. Images should have clear clarity of feature tree symbol for various process as it will tell the quality of your solution.
  7. Sometimes there might be a clash when following guidelines in that case, solution must be denoted as "IMPOSSIBLE, <After what number of feature the solution has become impossible>", example: "IMPOSSIBLE, 05".
  8. Extruding a part must be done on a single stretch but not by doing in steps, for example when you have a part of 20 mm to extrude, you must extrude completely to 20 mm rather not by extruding 5 mm- 4 times and like that. This condition will suit to all material addition and removing features.

These above said rules are not finalized and will be altered time to time without any prior notice but link to this page will be provided on each High Feature Count Challenge.

So guys try to use some imagination and creativity to make more features than others.