Cars and Automotive Design

Created by Yohann Panthakee on 12 April, 2018

Hello everyone.

Ive been on Grabcad for a long time and only just noticed the Groups tab.

I have uploaded some files here that didnt take me long to do, nice clean exterior surfaces that were part of my projects outside of my work hours.

As a professional car designer and Alias A Class modeller for over 10 years now my 3D is OEM A Class quality and with lots of details.

However modelling components more engineering based such as Engines, mechanical and electrical parts are not suited to Alias and take a long time.

So I was wondering if people were interested in some model trading and swaps.

I can offer some exterior OEM standard personal project car exteriors, interiors. Lots of VW and Porsche classic cars, hot rods, rat rods and motorcycles etc

In return for engineering data that isnt common on here but suited to the above

I wont upload my final Alias models here for public download as I have had my uploads already used for comercial use and profit and when i found this out I was threatened by them which I dont think is correct when we all share files just to help others out.

So yeah.

What are your thoughts? Anyone interested or have further ideas to expand on?