Cars and Automotive Design

Created by Yohann Panthakee on 12 April, 2018

Which of these is better in designing a Car model: Solidworks 2019 or Rhinoceros 6

I have been using Solidworks for about 2 years and I use it mostly for device enclosures and small machine parts.

Recently I started designing the bwm i8, then a friend suggested Rhino, he said rhino is a NURBS based 3d model software and is better suited for designing models with so much curves as that of a car. He does not use Solidworks so I'm putting this question out to does who have used these two packages or others, to tell me which one is better for a car model like bwm i8 and why.

I have looked up the differences between the two tools, I know their strength and weaknesses I just want a more direct opinion.

BTW, any suggestions are highly welcomed, you can suggest other 3d modelling tools that may do the work better than these two.