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Created by Yohann Panthakee on 12 April, 2018

How do I go from a 3d model to a life size car

What is the most cost effective way to go from a full size 3d model of a car to a full size one that can be used to make a mold so I can then make fiberglass parts from it?
I have a 3d printer but it is to small to make a full size car but i may be able to print a smaller version of it. My printer is a ender 3 v2
I also have access to a cnc mill which can do 16 wide x 20 long x 20 high.

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This is what I'd do (I've done this technique when I built full size airplane parts) I would draw the plans to full scale and print them in sections and tape them together, then out in plywood to buck, once your buck is done, you can lay your fiberglass over the buck and make your mold. I use 3d software for the design and dynamics, and always print them out.

I've been building and flying full size airplanes since 2005