Catia Users

Created by Ananth Narayan on 8 March, 2018

Let's say you would like to have an RC Plane. Let's say you would like to design it (or it's core elements) in CATIA. You are following a path to choose from existing airfoils since you (or at least I am definitely ) new. I came across all the tutorials of importing coordinates from excel files to create splines, or to scan data with other software, such as Profscan.

Only "minor" problem is however, these airfoils/profiles can not be manipulated as freely as sketches made inside of CATIA (Scaling, copy pasting to another work-plane, etc.). With the Excel files being well defined, I can import a profile at different position, but doing this seems way too much hustle, it must be a simplier way(?) regarding how powerful CATIA is (?).

With this being said, I am just curious how others do it, maybe my whole philosophy of starting with an existing airfoil is wrong at the beginning. Or there is a way to get the geometry of the airfoils without it's points being defined to the coordinate system.

Thank you for reading.