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Created by Ananth Narayan on 8 March, 2018

Firstly to state I am relative new (+-3 years) to Catia and all in all 3D modeling and design. Currently I am working on a 280+ part assembly for a final project, so to say I am basically done. The assembly is in my opinion decent in size but now I would like to "make it pretty for the eye". I tried organizing it by putting all screws, bolts, etc. in new components (found some chat on some forums saying that is the way of organizing it) created in the main assembly. After few hours spent "cleaning up" I found out I forgot to add a part in the assembly, I proceeded to add the part and constrain it where it is supposed to be and then I was greeted by a strange message for action was not possible because some reason... After I closed the message I found out that all constraints had an yellow "!", so when I opened anyone of the constraints i saw that the parts said "Unknown/Unknown" and status was "Disconnected". Because of that revelation I decided to open my backup and continue to work in it...

My main questions for this topic are:

  1. Is there a way to organize the tree in any possible manner (to create "folders" for parts to be arranged in, suitable for better viewing or managing the assembly)?
  2. Have I made any mistakes in my process mentioned up above, if yes please do explain, for I would like to improve my current knowledge?

Any answer will be appreciated and acknowledged...

Thanks in advance...

Teo C.