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Created by Ananth Narayan on 8 March, 2018

Cannot see the point when I exit the workbench in CATIA V5-6R27.

Hello guys,
I am using CATIA V5-6R27. I had to put a point on line later coincide it with the silhouette edge( Pic1). But when I exit the workbech the dot disapperars (Pic2). When I am trying to put a plane tangent to surface I am not being able to select the point in the specification tree as well(Pic 3).
Please suggest me why is this happening. Its a bit urgent.

Best regards

Accepted answer

Yes of course, the reason for the first time you couldn't able to see the point is it was in construction mode (geometry will be ignored) but later the + sign in dot indicates a it will be considered. Actually the two points on the end of line is construction point. If you toggle the construction mode you can see the + signed dot.

That's the reason. Hope you understood. Feel free to ask doubt's regarding CATIA.

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Hello guys,
I need to tell that the problem got fixed. I dont know how. I was trying many things and later it became proper. Now i can see that + mark on screen of point which I was not able to see before.
Let me know if you know why it happened.

i am unable to select point of line , center point of circle in all mode in skecher or workbench
as u see in photo points are not selected