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Created by Ananth Narayan on 8 March, 2018

How do I disable these lines in CATIA Drafting?


I need help. Does anyone knows how to disable this linetypes in Drafting (see attached image). Everytime I create a view from a Sheetmetal Part, it draws bending lines, bending axis, and other colour lines (dotted lines in blue, green and yellow).

Is there a way to hide or prevent Drafting from continuing to import these types of lines? I'm using V5 R27.
It's driving me crazy and I can't find any response on the net.



1 Answer

Hello Santi Toselli,

on section or perticulat view, just right click on section area & go to properties.

Once it's done, you can unwanted things Under Dress-up section on View Tab. Hope this will resolve your problem, else message me on