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Created by Ananth Narayan on 8 March, 2018

I made a deal

Thank you in advance for your help. I made a deal

2 Answers

Like several others, I was also confused by your question that you posted several places on GrabCAD (that's usually not a good idea). But after reading your response to Bob Wiley, I think I understand now that you want someone to model this car for you.

Have you looked at the similar cars that are in the GrabCAD library?

If you are willing to pay someone to build this exact car, please post your request in the Freelancers group on GrabCAD:

Assuming you have neither the car or the dimenions of the car, and looking at the number of parts of the car in the video, I would be willing to model a similar car in CATIA for a minimum of $6000 USD (and it would take me about 1 year to complete)

Kindly follow this to get these much model.