Created by Ramachandran Seetharaman on 8 June, 2018

Is there a GrabCAD CFD and FEA group member who can run a Rotating Equipment FEA on Centrifugal Blower Wheel?

I have a project with a centrifugal blower incorporating the wheel in the model:

Centrifugal Blower Wheel

I have not added the weld beads to the model or bonded any of the parts together. I need some help with steps and performing the FEA on the model.

Would you please contact me if you would be able to help?
Thank You,
Bill Howarth

2 Answers

The most critical point of the turbine
diameter 32 "
maximum rpm 2833
Flow 10276 CFM
Speed 7000 PPM
Pressure 27 "H2O

Turbine material A-36 carbon steel

If you need other additional information, let me know

I have a simulation project of a turbine of a centrifugal fan, I am trying to do the CFD but I am having problems with the geometric figure (turbine made in AUTOCAD 3D) and when I do the meshing of the turbine fluid alone, in the tutorials they do not explain how to develop fluid as the video always starts directly from the mesh.

If someone can explain the step by step, starting from the figure in autocad 3d to generate the fluid?

Thank you