Created by Ramachandran Seetharaman on 8 June, 2018

We need help in simulating an injection machine for recycled plastic :)

Hello creators and engineers :),

We are developing a second more compact version of our first injection molding machine.

Quick introduction to the topic:

A friend and I are developing an open source, injection molding machine. It is especially for recycling purpose and has to be low in tech/cost (so people can easily rebuild it). We have a testversion, that works pretty well (uploaded on our models), but now we want to design one, that is more lean, cheaper and working more reliable. In the attachments are some pictures from the design of the machine.

What we are looking for:

Is there one of you who is interested in running some stress simulations (maybe making some calculations) on this second version and/or knows how to do CFD for the plastic flow :). I hope there even exists sth like that :D. The critical points for us are the nozzle and the toggle clamp. Maybe also the mounting of the extruder.

additional info:

We design these machines open source and share the models online as soon as we built them and as soon as we know they work (thats why there is only one version so far). So unfortunately we cant pay anyone for the effort. If there is a mechanical engineer who is interested in pushing this idea, feel free to contact us :) Instagram: sotop_recycling

cheers and good evening :),


1 Answer

can make a thermal simulation with lisa , with boundary conditions.
it depens really on how is built the mold !!!
we can make some tests.