Cinema 4D

Created by He Keren on 10 September, 2018

I originally wanted to use my coffee mug to make the template, but decided to download one. Any problems I find I will ask here about. i will use this knowledge to make more templates of cosmetic bottles and packaging. I might even make a toothpaste tube.

So, what is the best way to model a bottle in C4D R20? I've seen someone using ellipses on top of a side view of a photo. He only see the ellipses as lines and adjusts the values in the property section. So, he splits an ellipse cylinder at every tangent or break point. Then he scales and moves them from bottom to top.

But is this the fastest way to get the rough shape? If I make the contour of the front and the side with splines and extrude both intersecting with each other. The combined area cut out would be the rough shape.

A third option for very difficult shapes would be 3d photogrammetry but that's very tedious and you have the problem that most cosmetic bottles are shiny and you can't splatter them for better results.