Drones Design

Created by Yasser Mohamed on 28 April, 2018


I'd like to use microphones and stealthily stay close to the target (wild animals), so I need to cut noise by some orders of magnitude. Has anyone experience with using rather huge propellers, especially with the focus on noise? ;-)

Requirements and limitations:

  • max. propeller diameter around 26 cm for a hexacopter
  • max. propeller diameter up to 37 cm or 55 cm for a quadcopter
  • only need to fly / to be silent when it's almost windstill (with mild gusts)
  • paylod: infrared camera + lighting, microphone array
  • 2, 3 or 4 blades per propeller
  • separate blades and shaft part
  • preferrably suitable for SLA printing (max. 145x145x175 mm including support material)

Thanks in advance for your help and thoughts!