Drones Design

Created by Yasser Mohamed on 28 April, 2018


Even though these are drones, I need EE CAD people, maybe mechanical/chemical CAD engineers who understand electro-magnetic viscosity break-down and field fluxes (hysteresis analysis) to come up with GPS modules, different antennae and communication and detecting grids for these drones, while I post this to drone group as well.

A world gone nuts means the need for near-terrestrial 5-sense, high-resolution mapping, surveillance, AI object recognition security, reconnaissance, detainment (especially for runaway cars, I invented an AI version of the Giant Blob, and I want to be part of a PBN for t-shirt/jacket/apparel/hat/cap/COVID-19-mask/button/back-pack/purse/suitcase/bumper-sticker manufacturer for these items with my URL logos to better undermine evil, greedy, counter-productive, who hate-competition, monopoly-oligopoly-cartel censors) and parole with data given to competitive insurance, gaming, stock market portfolios, multi-tier must-pay-bills affiliate advertising with free high Google rankings, pre-pay and post-pay, more social media must-follow, must-be-followed engagement, grow wood, vegetables, fruits, and herbs for resins from back yard, recycle trash, industrial water, human waste, mine and smelter your own metal ores, precious gems, oil, coal for carbon matrices (low price, long lasting, highly stiff and light materials, high transistor density chips, implants to, with consent, read vital signs, give location only to private EM/health care service, nano-energy to internally recycle, invigorate, destroy pathogens and viruses, MRI high-resolution anatomy CAD, some electricity generation, highly efficient graphene wind and solar generators, some coal, waste, prairie grass to prevent fires and produce gasohol, diesel, be 100% self-sufficient and safe with cameras with AI sensing, proper barriers, weapons if allowed under local, domestic laws as a deterrent, hyper-cryptic chat, ham radios, and aluminum foil concealed mail to mailed friends, relatives, and friends of friends, etc. Data will be valuable for competitive, cheap, rated insurance firms, gaming, multi-tier one-way enclosed affiliate advertising with no risk, stock market portfolios, trends analysis, word tracking and link tracking, etc.