Electric Motorcycles and Electric Bicycles

Created by Steven Minichiello on 30 October, 2020

I recently came across that Triumph is now into the electric bicycle marketplace with their first ever (and only) offering as the 'Trekker'.


It's basically a Triumph designed and manufactured frame with almost all Shimano electric drive and mechanical components.

The motor puts out a typical 250 Nm of torque that is adequate for most street needs and the battery is also adequate and sized appropriately at 500 Wh. Other goodies such as a display for range and lights for night riding are also part of the deal.

There is a review here that states that the range is about 90 miles, which is probably more than enough for the majority of riders :


Another review found that its underpowered, heavy, and expensive for the cost :


As does this one :


Whereas this review was less critical showing how using gears and speeds can get the most out of this bike :


With other reviews still in the dark :


"Automotive brands are also getting in on the action: BMW is making electric bikes and motorcycles, Audi is manufacturing electric mountain bikes, Ford recently acquired e-scooter startup Spin, and Jeep recently unveiled a high-powered electric mountain bike."


So there is likely to be more to come from other car and motorcycle companies.